About Us

What We Do

Inception Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company based in Glendale, Arizona founded in 1991, which leads development in the web-based time and attendance tracking industry. We deliver innovative software products and services to aid companies in the collection and dissemination of information for the improvement of employee productivity. We seek to improve the lives of business users everywhere including employees who track their time, managers who measure productivity, and channel partners who require accurate, real-time information to maintain critical relationships, through the integration, automation, and “mobilization” of time tracking-related activities.

Inception Technologies solutions integrate software, hardware, and professional services to create the total infrastructure for workforce management. Our applications are easy to use and are accessible from anywhere in the world via the Internet, biometrics, and flexible data collection technology.

We offer the most flexible applications on the market. Customers can reconfigure the software in countless ways to fit unique organizational needs. Data collection terminals (i.e., badge readers, biometrics), integrations/interfaces, training, hosting, and professional services add to a complete solution uniquely tailored for individual customers. Inception Technologies offers solutions to meet or exceed customer expectations through the active participation of current and potential customers in the design process. From the moment employees enter time, your system will begin calculation and keeping records of total hours worked, overtime, absenteeism, tardiness, meal/breaks, rotating work schedules, sickness, vacations, holidays, personnel profiles and more. The simple, efficient design and clear screens allow the user to quickly and efficiently process information.

Our Marketplace

Our customers are across all verticals or industries who have determined their need for a better way of managing their Time & Attendance requirements.We have a long and strong track record delivering software solutions. We contribute to the converging world of Human Capital Management and ensure compatibility with critical applications currently used within an enterprise.

Where We Are

Our Corporate office is located in Glendale, Arizona with offices located in California, Washington and Colorado.

How We Make A Difference

Our customers gain the benefit of working with an organization with over 20 years experience and have the peace of mind that our services and solutions can be tailored to exactly fit their requirements. When we share our expertise, our software assets and our partner network, we help our customers increase overall productivity within their organization.