How do I activate the software?
This has to be done on the server machine: log into the Manager Module -> click on Help -> About InfiniTime -> Tech Info -> Activation. Ensure all required fields on the Activate / Update License form are filled with current contact information. Required Fields include First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Address 1, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number, and Email. Click Electronic and the software will be activated.

Readers have not polled for a couple of days what, can I do?
Ensure that the InfiniTimeHouseKeepingService is running. On the Server machine Right Click on My Computer -> Manage -> Services, search for the InfiniTimeHouseKeepingService, if the service is stopped, right click on the service and select Start.

Can InfiniTime handle multiple payroll cycles?
Yes, you can create different payroll cycles by creating multiple policies with different pay cycles.

Why is there no Insert Button on the Employee Table?
InfiniTime is licensed by employee count. Your employee limit is reached when the number of employees within the system is equal to your employee limit. When the employee limit is reached it will no longer be possible to insert additional employees, reactivate employees marked as inactive, or import additional employees.

How do I check my employee count?
This has to be done on the server machine: log into the Manager Module -> click on Help -> About InfiniTime -> Tech Info-> License Information, in the License Information you will see the number of employees you have active in your software compared to the number of employees licensed.

Are there any privacy issues with using a biometric Scout Reader?
Hand geometry technology has never been reverse-engineered to identify people. Hand geometry units do not store the image of the hand, but instead store a 9-byte template which is a mathematical representation of the hand image. This mathematical value is meaningless to other devices. In addition, no fingerprint or palm print information is gathered.

Can InfiniTime generate reports automatically?
Yes, InfiniTime allows the users to schedule reports to run at any time. You can schedule recurring reports that can be generate as often as you like, such as daily or weekly. You can also configure the reports to be automatically e-mailed to you or other individuals.

Can I import employee data from HR/payroll systems?
Yes, InfiniTime allows users to import employee info from a CSV file.

Does InfiniTime have an audit trail?
Yes, InfiniTime has the ability to track every transaction that is added, deleted, or modified.

Why does the InfiniTime Software just flash when I try to open the software?
The “Pop-Up Blocker” is not configured properly, please refer to http://www.inceptiontechnologies.com/InfiniTimeManual/INST_CH7_Client_PUB.htm

Can the employees punch in and out using a computer?
Yes, the employees can use the InfiniTime Punch Module to punch in using the PC.

Can I have different types of Data Collection terminals in my software?
Yes, you can have different types of data collection terminals, such as Thor Biometric readers, Scout readers, and badge readers all at the same time.

Can InfiniTime export to my payroll software?
Yes, InfiniTime has the ability to export an ASCII file that can be imported into payroll software.

Do I have to install the software on all of the client machines?
No, InfiniTime is only installed on one machine (server) and the client machines access the software via a URL and no software needs to be installed on the client machines.

What are the support hours?
Support hours are:
Monday – Thursday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PST
Friday 7:00 am to 3:00 pm PST

Do you have a return policy?
Yes, you can read our return policy here:Inception Technologies Return Policy pdf

How do I contact the Client Services Department?
Client Services can be contacted via email at Support@InceptionnTechnologies.com or by phone (623) 258-4430