InfiniTime 7.0
INFINITIME 8.0 The InfiniTime™ 8.0 Labor Management Software is a true client/server solution based on an Oracle database architecture and InfiniTime™ utilizes a relational database on an Oracle database server. All the software modules in InfiniTime™ share the same database and are integrated in this SQL environment.

InfiniTime 7.0 Online
INFINITIME ONLINE InfiniTime™ Online 8.0 is the fully hosted version of InfiniTime™ 8.0. Now integrated with the efficiency of the internet, InfiniTime™ Online 8.0 is the most powerful labor management service available! Your organization can now streamline it’s labor management via a securely hosted website. Simply log into from anywhere in the world to view timecards, schedule employees, edit activity, export to payroll and more.

InfiniTime TESS
INFINITIME TESS InfiniTime™ TESS is the perfect out of the box solution for labor management. InfiniTime™ TESS comes ready with the InfiniTime™ 8.0 Labor Management Software already installed and ready to go! InfiniTime™ 8.0 is the premier labor management solution giving you the ability to access the application from any computer on your network, automatically track times, create reports, integrate with payroll and connects to any of the InfiniTime™ terminals. TESS can even be used to do simple clocking in & out from a network computer, or across the internet!

InfiniTime Access Control
INFINITIME ACCESS CONTROL Access control is a method of securing entry and or exit to a location. A small reader is mounted near the entrance or exit. To gain access, simply swipe a card or scan your fingerprint. The device communicates with a controller (SY-400) which stores an access list. When access is granted the controller triggers a relay connected to a door/turn style/gate etc. But that’s just the beginning.Inception Technologies has taken access control to a whole new level, by integrating it with the InfiniTime Labor Management System. From one program, you can track time & attendance as well as create access lists, monitor usage and make changes automatically.