InfiniTime Access Control

Access Control

If you have ever thought about adding extra security to your gates, server room, warehouse, etc. Please read below. Protect your assets and save money in the process.

Access control is a method of securing entry and or exit to a location. A small reader is mounted near the entrance or exit. To gain access, simply swipe a card or scan your fingerprint. The device communicates with a controller (SY-400) which stores an access list. When access is granted the controller triggers a relay connected to a door/turn style/gate etc. But that’s just the beginning.

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Inception Technologies has taken access control to a whole new level, by integrating it with the InfiniTime Labor Management System. From one program, you can track time & attendance as well as create access lists, monitor usage and make changes automatically. To learn more about our products click on an image to the right.

Looking for the right clock to handle your Access Control System? Our latest additions: The Thor are both capable of providing you quality access control and bell scheduling with integrated time & attendance. For more information on the Thor or the Athena click on the image below.