Professional Services

Inception Technologies introduces InfiniTime 8.0 our Time & Attendance solution for large enterprises and growing companies.

A robust solution powered by Oracle designed with ease of use in mind and addressing all of your HR and Payroll requirements.

InfiniTime 8.0 focuses on the effective management of your workforce, ensures compliance and manages your current pay policies as well as complex business rules.

When it comes to Human Capital Management, InfiniTime easily integrates with other applications such as Payroll and HR, providing you with a comprehensive solution to manage the data capture for payroll, ensuring compliance and allowing your organization to focus on increased productivity through our solution.

Focusing on employee satisfaction and retention the InfiniTime solution provides you with more accurate and equitable pay for the employee population, improved communication about their schedules and time worked and the timely delivery of data to relevant personnel to ensure an increase in productivity.