We consider an understanding of the functionality and features of InfiniTime to be of the utmost importance in maximizing your automation investment. We have developed a training curriculum designed to offer you personalized, focused access to the services and information you need to become proficient with the InfiniTime solution. These classes are designed to meet the specific needs of your company.

The training curriculum is designed to familiarize users with the software operation, maintenance and best practices associated with the InfiniTime solution, its features and operations. The following classes are considered core classes:

  • Administrative Training: This training is designed for the IT, HR and payroll personnel that will be responsible for maintaining the system and its operation. The Training will focus on how to configure and maintain the codes and settings as well as control access to the InfiniTime Enterprise system. It will concentrate on day-to-day administrative operations and support for the organization.
  • Supervisor / Manager Training: Training of the supervisors and/or managers responsible for managing their employees’ data and approving timecards. This training teaches the supervisors/managers about the tools and operations available to them to efficiently manage their people according to what you, the client, want them to accomplish. The training will focus on how to view and edit their employee’s time, monitor their use of paid time off, and sign off at the end of each pay period to indicate that their employees’ time has been reported and processed correctly.
  • Train-the-Trainer: Trains those who will train employees who will log in to the system to enter their time worked, make requests for paid time off through the system, view reports of their time and attendance data, and/or certify their time sheets at the end of each pay period. This training will focus on a tailored training curriculum developed in conjunction with your specific requirements in mind providing you with the ability to effectively transfer the knowledge to the appropriate personnel.