In the world of Human Capital Management an automated Time & Attendance solution plays a pivotal role.

The automation and collection of data for payroll purposes is the most obvious benefit of a Time Attendance solution. However, what is typically overlooked is how the InfiniTime 8.0 solution impacts Labor Management far greater than simple data collection.

InfiniTime 8.0 has a far larger footprint within an organization than, say, an HR application, granting the entire employee population access to relevant data which in turn automatically increases productivity with the timely delivery of accurate information to relevant personnel. Within the InfiniTime 8.0 solution you can restrict what information is shared based upon one’s role or responsibilities within the organization. Workforce Management software allows an organization to dramatically reduce costs, limit an organization’s liability, ensure compliance and increase overall productivity.

The InfiniTime 8.0 solution has been designed to collect data through a variety of data capturing methodologies, web entry, biometric both fingerprint and hand scan technology, via the telephone or IVR or a badge reader. Inception Technologies considers its software as “off the shelf” software meaning that the entire relevant feature set and functionality is provided to all of our customers. This leads to a very robust and dynamic solution allowing you as the end user to switch on and off functionality based upon your current requirements. The same solution can be configured to be as simple or as complex as your prevailing business needs dictate.