Absence Management

InfiniTime Absence Management

Accural Types
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InfiniTime 7.0 Absence Management capability allows you to incorporate your Accrual Policy within InfiniTime 7.0, allowing you to calculate your Accruals within the application or allows you to import the balances from your Payroll or HR application. Within the InfiniTime 7.0 solution an employee is able to request Time off; a manager may review the request and approve the request based upon available balance and ensure proper Schedule management. This process completely eliminates paper requests and allows for real time decisions.

It is important for an organization to manage planned and unplanned absences, as well as long term absences such as FMLA.

InfiniTime Accurals
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This information leads to effective Workforce Optimization and better planning of the company’s resources.

With the reporting capabilities of the InfiniTime solution one has the ability to determine trends on employee’s attendance, assist management when reviewing the employee’s attendance record for review purposes and ensure the appropriate coverage during peak seasons.