InfiniTime Telepunch

Business does not always allow the convenience of a networked time clock or access to a PC with an internet connection. That is where the TelePunch becomes very valuable. Simply put, the phone punch gives the ability to clock in and out from any location using a telephone, which can include cell phones.

You don’t have to make important business decisions based on limited capabilities. Adding TelePunch to your InfiniTime Time and Attendance solution gives you expanded clock-in and clock-out capabilities for anything business can throw at you. You can also allow your employees to access their total hours, accruals balances and more. You also get the expanded activity tracking methods. Employees can clock in using departments and activities codes to help you track your job costs with detailed reports that can be emailed to anyone on a regular basis.

InfiniTime Telepunch also uses caller ID verification of the caller’s location giving you confirmation that the call was placed from within designated calling areas. Don’t wait for the need to arrive before adding TelePunch to your InfiniTime solution.

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  1. Integrates with other InfiniTime products
  2. Denies requests from unapproved numbers
  3. Suitable for any mobile crew in any industry
  4. Expandable to track hundreds of employees


The TelePunch is the ultimate mobile solution for labor management. It is a next generate solution for Construction, Engineering, Logistics, government case work, International Business, and almost every service industry. It is also the next generation for non-profit volunteer programs, municipal court systems, distributed sales forces, and membership groups of all types.

Specifically, the telepunch module for InfiniTime is perfectly suited for staffing companies, mobile medical fields and construction companies. Anytime you need to track an employee who moves from place to place you can count on the InfiniTime telepunch to do the job.

In addition if you have a need to record mileage, tips, commission etc. you can. Using Other Activities, your mobile users can track almost anything. Just create new other activity types in InfiniTime and users can access them from the telephone.

Features & Extras

  • A Proven Technology
  • Fully tested and integrated with InfiniTime
  • Maintain employee data on your own PC
  • Clock in/out for departments, job and task codes
  • Track calling location using caller ID
  • Limit calling location using caller ID
  • Quick audible verification of transaction
  • Quickly enter tips, miles, commission, etc.
  • Handles up to 3 levels of Job Costing

Save Money

  • Eliminate employee time theft
  • Eliminate “out of area” time punches
  • Reduce payroll preparation caused by offsite jobs
  • Reduce payroll errors with the automation
  • Eliminate the use of badges and timecards

Increase Productivity

  • Employees clock in faster with just a few buttons
  • Department transfers done in one transaction
  • Employee can hear their accruals balance
  • Employees can hear their total hours
  • Reduce errors in timecards