Web Entry

Scout ClockThe InfiniTime Web Entry offers a practical alternative to traditional data capture methods.

You have two options when setting up the InfiniTime Web Entry capability, you can allow employees access to the application at their workstations providing convenience and validating the employee is at their desk when commencing or ending their day or you could set up a kiosk or dedicated workstation for the employees to interact with our solution very similar to a time clock on the wall.

The employee can simply punch in or out. If you decide to activate employee self-service the employee will be able to access their timecards, review their accruals, request time off, receive and send messages, review their schedule, request schedule changes and much more. This can be set up on your internal network or it can be made available to the outside world furthermore you can restrict which employees can access it internally or over the internet.

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With the Web Entry option you can set it up for hourly employees who need to record their start and stop time in other words punch in or out. Alternatively you can set it up for salaried or exempt employees who simply need employee self-service, to record their exceptions, record time against projects or tasks. This method is typically referred as honor based reporting for timekeeping. The biggest advantages of this method of data capture is ease of use, no hardware to support and savings due to a reduction in the need for traditional time clocks to collect data.