Restaurant/Bar Point Of Sale

Serving Success is our latest addition to the many methods we have of data collection. Serving Success is a state of the art Point-of-Sale for Hospitality businesses. It is a true Restaurant Management System. Serving Success has all of the modern restaurant features such as iPad table service, credit card processing, tabs, and much more. This allows any restaurant or bar to efficiently take orders and payments. Serving Success also interfaces to InfiniTime and InfiniTime Online. This allows restaurant or bar to have a sophisticated workforce management system that works in concert with their Restaurant Management System.


The Hospitality industry is a very dynamic industry. There are many ways a restaurant or bar can lose money if they are not tracked efficiently. Some of the biggest culprits are shrink (employee theft), to service issues, and employee management. The combined power of Serving Success and InfiniTime bring the power of managing employees and the establishment back to the hands of the management team. In addition to replacing your cash register, credit card terminal, manual tickets/tabs, employees also use Serving Success to clock in and out of work. The punch information is transmitted to InfiniTime or InfiniTime online in real time. This real time management allows the employees attendance, tips, and any other workforce management items to be managed. The integration of Serving Success and InfiniTime removes all of the manual processes done by restaurants and bars. Timesheets are automatically created by the employee just logging into and out of Serving Success. InfiniTime and InfiniTime Online provide scheduling, attendance management, and interfaces to over 200 accounting packages and payroll services. This removes the need for manual totaling of timecards, calling in payroll, and any of the tedious management tasks that have nothing to do with making sure the restaurant/bar customers are getting great service

How It Works

SSTerminal2Login copy

Serving Success is simple and fun to operate. The high resolution touch screen terminals makes completing tasks easy. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to complete a transaction. Any time the employee checks into or out of Serving Success, the information is immediately sent to InfiniTime or InfiniTime Online. InfiniTime is a robust Workforce Management System. With the transaction data from Serving Success the restaurant or bar is provided with accurate time sheets, labor reports, actual vs. scheduled reports, and much more. InfiniTime can notify managers about tardiness, time theft by early punching, overtime, and any other time & attendance information. Employees can use the Employee Self-Service features of InfiniTime and InfiniTime Online to review their timecards, request time off, request schedule changes, and review any of their attendance information. InfiniTime and InfiniTime Online also provide access control capabilities so secure areas of the restaurant and bar can be kept secure and access lists kept.

Features and Extras

  • iPad Table Service
  • Credit Card Swiping Built In
  • Gift Card Tracking
  • PUSH data communication protocol
  • Robust Menu Editor
  • Tab System
  • Split Check Ability
  • Discount Editing System
  • Rewards Program Tracking

Save Money

  • Automate Menu Management
  • Eliminate Human Error
  • Eliminate employee time theft

Increase Productivity

  • Real Time Communication to InfiniTime or InfiniTime Online
  • Multiple Location Capable
  • Automatic Timecard Generation
  • Interface To Over 200 Payroll and Accounting Packages
  • Track late, early, unscheduled, and missed punches
  • Data Is Synchronized To The Cloud For Security
  • Custom Table Layout and Menu


  • Terminals Are Networked Via TCP/IP
  • Receipt and Kitchen Printers Can Be Easily Added
  • iPad Table Service Terminals Can Be Added As Needed

Connection Methods

  • TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity For Stations
  • Optional WiFi Connectivity Available For iPads

Simple, Flexible, Powerful and Affordable

SSTerminal2Menu copy


Serving Success and InfiniTime replaces your cash register, your credit card terminal, your manual tickets, tabs, scheduling, manual timesheets, and much more. It is one integrated system that lets you manage every aspect of your business. Easily create and revise food and drink menus with drag-and-drop design. Prompt servers and bartenders for required and optional food/drink add-ons at the time of order to be sure nothing is left out and orders flow perfectly. Faster table turns, more drinks served per hour, better front to back communication equals more revenue per hour and per customer.

Security is also key with all of the transactions between Serving Success and InfiniTime done with state of the art security protocols. Manage inventory and cash with a full audit-trail. Eliminate profit and product shrink due to theft and errors. Define security levels for employees to be sure they can access the parts of the system they need to do their job. Securely accept and process all major credit cards at any Serving Success terminal. No need to do double work with a separate credit card terminal. Reason codes are required for comps and overrides to show you who, when, and why something was comped.