Self Service

InfinItime Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service is the key to early adoption and overall employee satisfaction. The employee can review their time, request time off and request a schedule change. They can also receive messages within the InfiniTime 8.0 solution. The employee can access this information at the clock, a kiosk or at their workstation. This ability leads to visibility to relevant data for the entire employee population and reduces wasted time querying management on various requests and increases overall productivity.

InfiniTime Manager Self Service

The InifiniTime 8.0 solution allows you to create customized dashboards for managers that only include the relevant functionality or feature set that their position and responsibilities demand. A typical dashboard will consist of a check sheet or workflow of their responsibilities, direct access to their employees timecards, relevant reports, and links to other applications thereby enabling an organization the ability to ensure compliance and improve accuracy on the data captured. Furthermore, it brings the responsibility and the accountability to the lowest common denominator the front line supervisor/manager.