Nov 21, 2014
We have used IniniTime for our payroll and scheduling needs for four years now. The real-time, web-based program has allowed us to offer our employees the information they need right at their fingertips! The auto-reports and non-arrival alerts are invaluable to our management team, and processing the timecards for payroll is a breeze! This is a versatile program that gives us the tools to manage our workforce effectively.

Tom Eslick

Nov 10, 2014
We have been using Infinitime for over 10 years in our phoenix office. What a solid trouble free system is has been. It makes payroll a breeze. Every time I think I have stumped the system with a new need I have, tech support is quick to educates me on how to change the policy to fit my needs. Thanks again Inception Technologies!

Michael Donovan

Nov 10, 2014
We have been using the InfiniTime software since 2008. We have over 2,200 employees in the system and are using biometric hand readers at over 100 locations across the country. We have a lot of CDL Drivers around the country and the software allows us to report on the DOT Hours of Service Rules. Exception reporting and time summary reports are a big part of our business process.
Michael Donovan
Gypsum Management and Supply, Inc.


Nov 04, 2014
We have been using Inception Technology with the biometric hand scanners for almost 20 years. The product has improved our attendance, reports are used to manage employees and their time, and the support from the tech team is outstanding. When all is said and done, it is the product support that matters the most, and they are always there to assist when necessary, from basic training to complex system moves to new servers. They have never let us down.
Note: The system does require a rebust server, or you will have performance issues. Once we implemented the required hardware, our performance issues were resolved.