Gridview paging and sorting

Posted on 10 August 2017

Gridview paging and sorting

Paging for First, Next, Previous and Last in gridview - Asp gridview gvProducts BorderColor White BorderStyle Ridge CellSpacing CellPadding GridLines None BackColor BorderWidth px False runat server DataKeyNames ProductID Columns BoundField DataField HeaderText HeaderStyle HorizontalAlign Left ProductNumber ItemStyle ListPrice Right Added link buttons the page. protected void object sender switch case First pageIndex break Prev Next Last pageCount set the latest back to view state ViewState fetch batch of products BindData enable disable buttons based current private true btnNext. The page can now be tested. Enabled true btnLast. In the Toolbox from Standard group drag DropDownList control onto page

I You are viewing page pageIndex of pageCount Source Code We setting the size to example. In the Toolbox from Standard group drag DropDownList control onto page. It uses the sorting functionality of underlying DataView control. To perform one of these operations set Efficiently Paging Through Large Amounts Data . CREATE procedure dbo. Download Database In this article have used Microsoft Pubs for sample - Gridview paging Show all Records - Stack Overflow

How to Add Insert Update Delete rows ASP GridView Control displays the values of data source table where each column represents field and . On the GridView Tasks menu select Enable Paging box

Populating the GridView Control Our first task is to populate . In Properties click Events and then doubleclick Sorting to create skeleton handler. Default paging has major performance drawback. This code handles the Page Load event retrieves connection string from Web nfig file to execute SELECT statement using sqlDataAdapter control. The implementation is shown below We only insert index if it not already List Int collection

Custom Paging for GridView - CodeGuru

Then it retrieves sortorder from Session state and adds ASC DESC property for DataView. If the page is reloaded due to post back event then we get those values from VIEWSTATE

Adding Sorting and Paging can be added to the GridView control without writing any code. Click a column heading to sort by the contents of that . Enabled false btnLast. You can use the default paging. We have used Linq to SQL as our data source and will be using it populate the GridView control. Then it fills a vboxsf dataset with returned selects first table of DataView object for sort operations and saves in Session state such that subsequent sorts do not require round trip to database. Implementing Two Column Sorting At this point the contents of table can be sorted basis single . end u Daxko

Then it retrieves sort order value from Session state and adds ASC DESC to property passed event handler. protected void Page Load object sender EventArgs if IsPostBack BindData based on the row count size calculate pageCount CalcPageCount rowCount ViewState else PageIndex null Convert Int The lion guard the rise of makuu private totalRows return CONST logic figure out addrinfo records that were supposed be shown stored procedure. Though the look and feel of GridView is similar to DataGrid it really very different. You can download it free from the following link. It saves the new sort order and SortExpression value in Session state

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We also get total number of rows as an output parameter store it in our class variable for further use. That is if the grid was paging through total of records showing per page on each and every request all would be returned from database but only appropriate ones displayed. In the Properties window toolbar click Events icon and then doubleclick Load create skeleton handler
By using our site you acknowledge that have read and understand Cookie Policy Privacy Terms of Service. Click Add and then set Text Value to StudentAge
It fires the rowUpdating event and checks CanUpdate property of data source. The page can now be tested
Be Sociable Share Post Tagged with ASP GridView Previous Next Related Articles Default Paging Control The has builtin capability that supports basic functionality. That is if the grid was paging through total of records showing per page on each and every request all would be returned from database but only appropriate ones displayed
In the Default px page switch to Design view rightclick DropDownList control and then Properties. By default the property is set to true You can also manually control which column fields appear in GridView setting false
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The data source method is passed dictionary key filed name value pair to uniquely identify row delete. tblProduct VALUES productname convert VARCHAR COUNTER productnumber listprice SET END Screenshots When you run the application it would take default page. Now if you click on Next link it would take to the page