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The future of labor management
hardware and software

The future of labor management hardware and software


Tools That Help You Work Fearlessly

Manage Paid Time Off

InfiniTime helps to manage time off by providing automated accrual calculations, leave request management, and employee self-service.

Modern Timeclocks

InfiniTime uses biometric timeclocks, mobile app, or web portal for employees to punch. Each has many modern features to provide robust features, high accuracy, and employee self-service.

Mobile App

InfiniTime has a mobile app that is compatible with Android™ and iOS™. The mobile app has sophisticated features like geo-fencing, geo-tagging, customization, group punching, and much more.

Integrated Scheduling

InfiniTime has an integrated scheduling system. This system can auto schedule, schedule from templates, manage shift swapping/covering, and much more. All of this is integrated into the time & attendance system to provide detailed reporting.

Sophisticated Accrual Management

InfiniTime has an integrated accrual management system. This allows managers to easily determine how much time an employee has earned, used, and has remaining. All of this information is also available to the employees through the impressive employee self-service features of InfiniTime

Secure Software As A Service

InfinTime is a secure Software As A Service application. No software installation is required. InfiniTime runs on most computers via the web. It is a modern application that can provide the productivity that any business needs to manage their workforce.

Our Mission is to Save You Time
and Resources

Our Mission is to Save Time and Resources

InfiniTime is a robust workforce management system that is integrated with hundreds of payroll systems and accounting packages. It also has robust reporting, messaging, and notification features that allows the system to notify the management team when there are items that need to be addressed with the workforce management information.

On average, our customers have a return on investment in a matter of pay periods. By providing robust workforce management features, InfiniTime can increase profitability of any business.


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