2019’s Buzz Word- Digital Transformation

The hottest buzz word for 2019 is……

Digital Transformation

Some of the SMB decision makers I met last week at our NYC info session said that they understand the need for digital transformation, but that it is a huge change to implement; Even the Gen Z employees are apprehensive. What started as going paperless has moved to digitizing everything – Some even think that laptops will fade away and everything will move to tablets.
Companies that have moved to full SaaS solutions are saving money and time. Employees are more engaged too. Imagine having a Time & Attendance solution that is customized to you, as an employee. Through biometrics and geofencing you quickly clock in. With an internal messaging system, you request extra shifts to earn some extra spending money. You can request a few hours off to attend a doctor’s appointment. You can check your schedule on your phone rather than having to log onto a computer.
That is digital transformation.
Now think of yourself as the front-line manager. You see where employees are via geolocation. You know that buddy punching is eliminated through biometric punching. With the internal messaging system, you are onsite at one location and able to answer questions about shift coverage of another location, in real time. You track job type, skill sets, and job costing on your phone in real time.
That is digital transformation.
InfiniTime Online makes this a reality. We remove the manual and physical aspects of the job and take you to the mobile cloud, effortlessly.
Our fully hosted SaaS solution is one of the easiest to use on the market. So if you are thinking of jumping to the cloud, call us. We will help.