2020 / CASE STUDY – Building Supply Distributor

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How InfiniTime’s Customized Time & Attendance Solutions Benefits a Building Supply Distributor

Fred Schmitthammer from InfiniTime had a conversation with the representative of a building supply distributor on the benefits of using InfiniTime’s labor-management hardware and software. This case study highlights key takeaways from that conversation.

We were able to automate a lot of our activities as far as reporting goes, which saved us a tremendous amount of time
– Building Supply Distributor Representative

About InfiniTime

InfiniTime is a workforce management system that is integrated with hundreds of payroll systems and accounting packages that offer:

  •  Modern Timeclocks
  • Paid Time Off Management
  • A Mobile App
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Sophisticated Accrual Management
  • Secure Software as a Service

Introduction to Building Supply Distributor

This particular Building Supply Distributor distributes materials from over 200 warehouses to job sites throughout the country. They have over 6,000 hourly employees on their workforce, which includes 1,500 drivers that use their fleet of equipment to get materials to their customers’ job sites.

The Company’s Challenge

The Building Supply Distributor was utilizing a variety of time and attendance solutions across the country. Each one of their locations was using their own time and attendance solution without any uniformity across the entire company. The vast majority of their timekeeping was done with cardboard timecards and punch clocks, which made it a very manual process.

InfiniTime Solutions

By implementing InfiniTimes’s customized time and attendance solutions into their business, the Building Supply Distributor’s supervisory staff was able to save a tremendous amount of time. Before InfinitiTime solutions, their supervisors manually added up each timecard for 2-3 hours each and every week.

They were also able to automate their reporting activities with ad hoc reports so that now their drivers can click a button to notify supervisors of their hours. Before, timecards needed to be calculated midweek before they could notify drivers of how many more hours they could drive, per government guidelines and regulations.

“InfiniTime worked with us to make sure we had integration when we needed it — from solution A to solutions B — for our payroll processing software.”

The Results

As the Building Supply Distributor rolled out InfiniTime’s hardware and software location by location across the country, their ROI was felt immediately.

“I felt the system paid for itself in a month and a half,” said their representative. “We have a lot of markets that need different things. So InfiniTime was great at working with us to help us with customized reports and automation to meet our needs.”

Their supervising staff was able to save at least 20,800 hours per year by automating their payroll system.

As their representative put it, “InfiniTime has been a very good partner over the years.”