2020 / CASE STUDY – Concrete Coring & Sawing

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How InfiniTime’s Customized Time & Attendance Solutions Benefit Concrete Sawing & Coring Company

Fred Schmitthammer from InfiniTime had a conversation with the representative of a concrete sawing and coring company on the benefits of using InfiniTime’s labor-management hardware and software. This case study highlights key takeaways from that conversation.

(InfiniTime) is time-saving because I can log in every day and see if there’s anything that needs to be changed. It’s very easy to audit compared to using the old time card system.

– Concrete Sawing & Coring Company Representative

About InfiniTime

InfiniTime is a workforce management system that is integrated with hundreds of payroll systems and accounting packages that offer:

  • Modern Timeclocks
  • Paid Time Off Management
  • A Mobile App
  • Integrated Scheduling
  • Sophisticated Accrual Management
  • Secure Software as a Service

Introduction to Concrete Sawing & Coring Company

This particular concrete sawing and coring business employees 11 workers that provide services to homeowners, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and government agencies. Those services include concrete coring, concrete cutting, asphalt cutting, concrete removal, asphalt removal, wall saw, curb coring, curb cutting, and more.

The Company’s Challenge

They needed a system or collection of processes and monitoring that would allow their company to get the best out of, or optimize the use of, its employees. Those processes include the monitoring of hours, clocking in and out, absence recording, and exporting that information to payroll.

InfiniTime Solutions

By implementing InfiniTimes’s customized time and attendance solutions into their business, the concrete sawing and coring company was able to save time with robust workforce management features. “I think it’s a great value. We’re able to manipulate it and it does what we need it to do. The reporting is accurate and we are able to export the data we need and hold onto it,” according to the company’s representative.

The Results

Compared to the system used prior to InfiniTime, “I think this is easier to use,” says the company’s representative. When it comes to which part of the workforce management system gives them the most value, she says “the timecard function and being able to easily export it into our payroll system.” As a result of switching to InfiniTime, the company is now able to send all time-related data into payroll with just a single click of a button.