Athena Badge

Athena Data Collection Terminal

The Athena is our cost effective durable solution for businesses who want power in an easy to use compactly designed package. The Athena brings automated time & attendance functionality to you in a sleek compact design capable of tracking over 50,000 punch events and 30,000 card holders. Don’t underestimate the Athena because of her small stature and elegant design. The Athena not only accurately tracks time & attendance, but it can also be used for access control purposes. That means that this tiny machine can be used for your time & attendance needs and if you decide you want to secure a doorway, you can still utilize the Athena. The user also has the option of viewing their last recorded time, transferring departments, or entering other information like tips, miles, etc.

The large LCD provides maximum readability, and the onboard speaker provides audible confirmation of a complete or incomplete transaction. In addition, data can optionally be downloaded directly from the Athena, via a USB disk drive making the Athena great for locations without physical connectivity.

The Athena communicates via the standard TCP/IP protocol. This allows the Athena to be connected to any TCP/IP network and allow communication to InfiniTime. This allows the Athena to quickly sync with InfiniTime to provide accurate and timely data collection.

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How it Works

The Athena is one of the easiest devices you and your employees will ever operate. Employees can operate the Athena in two ways. The first is to simply wave their pre-assigned badge in front of the Athena (within 10-15 cm). The second option is to enter their pre-assigned PIN number into the Athena. Successfully doing either one of these processes will trigger an audible tone and flash an LED light to confirm that the employee has been clocked in or out. The access control features of the Athena operate the same. Simply swipe or enter a PIN number to trigger the door to open.

The data collected by the Athena terminal is then sent to the InfiniTime Labor Management System. With InfiniTime, detailed reports can be generated, exceptions tracked, and data passed on to payroll for check processing.

Save Money

  • Choose between PROX cards or PIN entry
  • Recycle, by re-assigning old or unused badges
  • Reduce overtime by locking out early punches
  • Reduce labor management time with realtime data
  • Use access control capabilities at anytime


  • Standard communication via TCP/IP Ethernet
  • Add multiple terminals for additional users
  • Capable of handling an unlimited amount of users
  • Use in combination with any of our product line
  • Optional backup battery ensures operation


The Athena is capable of performing multiple roles in your organization. The Athena can be mobile, used in the field without physical connections, and data downloaded via USB disk, for transfer to the InfiniTime Labor Management System. The Athena can also be mounted to a wall for permanent time tracking in a single location. The Athena can also double as an access control device. This makes the Athena a versatile terminal, prime for a fast return on investment.

The Athena has standard communication technologies, access control capabilities, and rugged construction. This makes the Athena fit easily into the infrastructure of most organizations.

Features & Extras

  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Optional backup battery available
  • Large backlit display for easy operation
  • Alarm indicator for full memory or other errors
  • Access control functionality with TTL & Alarm
  • Made from highly durable ABS plastic
  • Interactive menu for completion of complex tasks
  • Real time labor data collection for constant updates
  • Store 50,000 user transaction on-board
  • Connect to InfiniTime via TCP/IP (Network)
  • Download data to a USB disk drive
  • Audible confirmation via internal speaker

Increase Productivity

  • Data collection at the terminal in 20 ms
  • Department transfers done in one transaction
  • Employee can view last recorded time
  • Quickly enter tips, miles, commission etc.
  • Swipe and go system insures better accuracy
  • Contactless badge reader reduces maintenance
  • Linux based operating system for reliability
  • Quick audible verification of transaction

Connection Methods

  • Optional Wi-Fi adapter is available
  • Download data to USB Drive!

Technical Specifications

Size: 3.75” (width) x 5.63” (height) x 1.5” (depth)
Weight: 1 lb
Display: Character LCD, 16 x 4
Power: 12V DC, 400mA
Operational Temperature: (0°C to 45°C)
Badge Verification Time: < 20ms
Memory Capacity: 128 Mb Flash Disk
Transaction Buffer: 50,000 Transactions
User Capacity: 30,000
External Ports: TCP/IP, USB Out, Wiegand
Operating System: Linux
Read Range: 10-15 cm
LED Indicator: 2 Array LED Indicators (Red, Green)

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