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InfiniTime Atlas Mobile

The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application is the latest in mobile application technology. Not only does the InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application have a modern and easy to use interface, it is highly configurable to the needs of today’s business needs. The application is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application has many modern features. The application can be configured for Geo-Tagging, Geo-Fencing, and Geo-Punching. With Geo-Tagging each punch that is made with the application can store the GPS location of the punch. On the InfiniTime timecard a map can be displayed to show exactly where the punch was made. Geo-Fencing allows the application to limit the employee to only be allowed to punch within 300 yards of management approved addresses. Geo-Punching allows the application to automatically punch an employee in and out based on their location to management approved addresses.

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How it Works

The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application is simple and easy to operate. The modern application is available for iPhones and phones running Android. Employees simply install the application on their smart-phone. After entering an authorization code and their clock id and password the user is presented with the options that they are allowed to use. The options are configured in InfiniTime and any can be disabled or enabled. This makes it possible for different options to be given to different employee groups to allow them to have the options that they need.

The data collected by the InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application is immediately sent to the employee’s timecard as soon as the punch occurs. If the user does not have data service or is not on Wi-Fi then the punch data is stored until they have data service again. InfiniTime can then generate reports and submit the information to payroll.

Save Money

  • Reduce Overtime by Locking Out Early Punches
  • Reduce Labor Management Time with Real Time Data
  • Enforce Punch Location
  • Allow Direct Employee Communication
  • No Cost Application

Highly Configurable

  • Unlimited Feature Set Combinations
  • Individual Features Can Be Enabled/Disabled
  • Ability To Limit Departments, Jobs, and Tasks
  • Works On Most Phones and Tablets


The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application can be used by any employee with a smartphone or tablet. The application allows the mobile employee to report detailed job costing information easily and securely. Management can also track the punch location or restrict the employee to physical addresses that the employee is allowed to punch. This application can be used for more than punching. The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application can be used as an information portal for employees. Employees are given direct access to their time & attendance information with the ability to view timecard, schedule, and accrual balance information. The employees are also given a modern way to request time off, request schedule changes, and to send messages to management and co-workers.

Features & Extras

  • Geo-Tagging
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Geo-Punching
  • Three levels of labor costing
  • PUSH Notifications
  • Electronic Timecard Signing
  • Expense Reporting
  • Operates When No Data Service Available
  • Employee Messaging
  • Time Off Request
  • Time Off Request Approval/Denial
  • Schedule Change Request
  • Punch Lockout
  • Employee Self Service
  • PUSH Communication Technology

Increase Productivity

  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Messaging
  • Employee Can View Schedule
  • Employee Can View Timecard
  • Employee Can View Benefit Balances
  • Multi-Level Job Costing
  • Employees Clock In Faster With 1 Touch
  • Labor Cost Transfers Done in One Transaction
  • Quickly Enter Tips, Miles, Commission, etc.
  • Punch and Go System Insures Better Accuracy
  • Modern Mobile Application Technology
  • Updates Distributed Via App Stores
  • Stores Transactions When No Data Service Available
  • Uses App Technology and Not A Mobile Web Site

Technical Specifications

Phone Operating Systems: iOS and Android
Delivery Method: Google Play and Apple App Store
Labor Costing Limits: Limited to 100 of Each Level
Geo-Fence Limits: iOS Limited to 25 fences and Android Limited to 100 Fences
Transaction Limit: Depends On Phone Memory Size


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