A recent study by Workplace Resource Foundation found that engaged employees are not just interested in their next paycheck, but they have the entire organization in mind and want the general WE to succeed.  Businesses attain their full potential when open communication channels are in place. These businesses receive improved productivity within their workforce with 38% falling under “highly engaged employees” category with an above average work performance.  
A breakdown in two-way communication is the Number 1 reason disengagement ensues. Not creating a community for remote workers leads to a disconnect from the company’s vision and mission, as well as limiting ways employees communicate with managers. On a global level, 80% of the workforce does not show up to sit at a desk, there are either remote or in the field. Having a mode for mobile communication is key to having an engaged workforce. 
There are numerous advantages to having mobile technology. Internal content hubs and social networks are limited in the tools they provide and levels of interaction they create. Rarely do they facilitate feedback or allow for offsite. Therefore, companies continue to turn to mobile. They can reach an entire workforce, regardless of geography and collect data to provide feedback in real time. This information can then give companies keen insights and reports on activities related to employee engagement. Mobile apps give on-site and off-site workers a way to communicate, have a voice and remain connected to the core values and mission of their company. 
When companies utilize InfiniTime’s Atlas mobile app, your workforce can use the internal messaging system to request time off or to pick up an additional shift. They then get an answer in real time from their manager. And since the messaging systems is secure, you are adding another level of compliance to your HR system. With unlimited geofencing, you keep time and attendance costs low, while allowing all your job sites to be covered. Employees can check their hours, pay stubs and make notes all within the app. You are also cutting down on time theft and eliminating any dual entry tasks.
Mobile technology offers businesses a new world of ways to tackle today’s complex business environment. As Generation Z, who are digital natives, start to enter the workforce with increased demands on customization and ease of use, having a mobile workforce management app has never been more important. InfiniTime’s workforce management solution gives our customers just that; Time and Attendance made easy, while helping to automate the payroll process.