COVID-19 Vaccinations and the Workplace: What Businesses Need to Stay On Top Of

Not only are COVID-19 vaccinations encouraged in order to return the world back to normal, but a lack of herd immunity can cause serious problems within the workplace. Problems are often exacerbated for small and midsize businesses since most employees are not easily replaceable. That’s exactly why more and more companies are requiring vaccines, which provide both safety and efficiency for each business.

If an employee is sick due to COVID-19, then the entire efficiency flow for these companies comes to a halt. Here’s what businesses need to stay on top of to beat the virus and keep their companies strong!

Keep Tabs On the Latest COVID-19 News

Especially with the new Delta COVID-19 variant on the move, it is more important now than ever to stay informed on virus related news. Use federal, state, and local government websites for the most accurate information, and keep tabs on vaccine availability. Having the latest information will be crucial to developing a COVID-19 vaccination plan that can be reasonably implemented without any hiccups.

Motivate Employees to Get the Vaccine

According to a Glassdoor survey, 70% of employees are likely to get the vaccine prior to returning back to work. While that’s great, the 30% that’s reluctant to do so can still jeopardize safety within the workplace. Something as simple as celebrating or acknowledging vaccinated employees can lead to increased safety, and thus increased efficiency.

Other methods to motivate employees include providing paid leave to get vaccinated during work hours, paying costs associated with getting vaccinated, or even offering a bonus to employees who do get it.

Keep Your Employees Informed

To more actively enforce your stance on vaccines and to cement vaccination policies, keep your team informed on the latest news. Methods to keep your employees informed include (but are not limited to), internal emails, email newsletters, phone calls, video conferences, in-person meetings, an internal chat system, or a resource center.

Employers should go ahead and select a point-person that’s able to answer any concerns or lingering questions related to the business’s policies regarding vaccinations.

Track Employee Vaccinations

Once you’ve reviewed state and local requirements regarding employee medical information, the next step is to track employee vaccinations. To track employee vaccinations, you’ll want to pay attention to whether each employee is fully or partially vaccinated, which vaccine they have or if they still need to get their doses. When gathering this information, a business may use a digital form, spreadsheet, or utilize a vaccine management solution for data collection.

Infinitime: Scheduling + Vaccine Tracking

With Infinitime, we’re providing an all-in-one solution that covers both employee scheduling and vaccine tracking. Seamlessly and simply track the vaccine information of your employees within minutes, and get back to what you are doing in no time. Rather than working with software solely for vaccine management, Infinitime has many purposes that can elevate your business.

We’re here so that your business can run as effectively, smoothly, and safely as possible.