Department of Labor Made Changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act

September 24, 2019 the Department of Labor (DOL) ruled to update the Fair Labor Standards Act. Minimum wage, overtime requirements and bonuses/commission structures will be affected by the changes beginning January 1, 2020.

The last time this act was updated was 2004. Workforces have changed drastically since this time.  The infusion of millennials who care about setting their own schedules has created new culture shifts across industries. Higher levels of remote employees whom require access to online time clocks have necessitated a need for mobile time keeping. There has been vast increase in the amount of service roles in the labor force, which means punch times are crucial.

Times changed in how to manage your workforce. This includes tracking overtime.

This ruling will make 1.3 million Americans entitled to overtime pay. Keeping accurate employee time records will be instrumental in avoiding fines and staying complaint with federal regulations. This is where InfiniTime can save you money, time and in some cases a lawsuit which could destroy your business.

If you are using pen and paper or an excel spreadsheet as a time and attendance system, stating you have accurate records would be a claim, not a fact. If you get audited, facts are your only defense. When you automate timekeeping, fears about not being complaint disappear. InfiniTime erases your fear.

InfiniTime will:

  1. Track your workforce’s time down to the minute.
  2. Our mobile app allows for easy punch in/out for offsite employees
  3. You can create audit ready reports, automatically, should the need arise.