Enforce and Embrace Your Time and Attendance Policies

As people come back into the workplace after a year of working and home, time and attendance policies may be difficult to readjust to. The formalities of working in an office differ from working in the living room!

Using Infinitime’s hosted workforce management solution, you can successfully enforce your policies, now and in the future. The software is hosted on Amazon servers, with numerous security measures in place, and uses the most up-to-date technology to store information on the cloud, so you never have to worry about backups or lost data.

Infinitime can help to manage employees in a variety of important ways, including:

  • Helping to prevent time theft. A recent article indicated that time theft is a serious problem in the American workforce, with over 43% of employees admitting to committing some form of it. With Infinitme, detailed records help your business save money.
  • Viewing detailed reports. Infinitime’s detailed, customizable reports allow you to view the way time has been reported and used and track the data to save money.
  • Providing records of time-off approvals and leave requests. Infinitime records these requests so that they are followed as approved.
  • Offering scheduling assistance: Offering support for scheduling, you’ll be able to make sure all employees are receiving and reporting correct hours.

Getting your staff on board

Infinitime undoubtedly provides excellent benefits to the business, and can save a significant amount of money per year. But some employees may not react well to the use of Infinitime’s solutions. This can be overcome by explaining the benefits of using the software. Sharing your reasoning behind using Infinitime can help employees embrace the use and even see the benefit to themselves.

When you begin using Infinitime, take the following steps so that employees are in the know:

  • Give notice. Explain to employees what the software does and when you will start using it. This can happen with written or verbal communication, but it should be friendly and detailed and offer the opportunity to ask questions.
  • Support training for using the program. Infinitime provides extremely easy-to-use tools, but you should still plan to allow for a trial and error period and support if people are having trouble using it.
  • Involve all departments. If you’re at a large company, making sure managers of each department are involved in the implementation of Infinitme will be very important in helping everyone embrace the use.
  • Re-emphasize the company’s time and attendance policies. When all is said and done, make sure employees are clear on all policies that will be enforced through Infinitme. Provide a detailed explanation of your time and attendance policies in writing so that they may review them and understand how the new software will be tracking them. Leave the door open for questions, and help employees know that the purchase supports the company as a whole.

Time and attendance policies are the backbone of a successful and efficient business operation. Infinitme makes it much easier to execute those policies, and implementing it at your business can be done simply, in just a few steps. The benefits, however, will be extraordinary!

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