Managing COVID-19 in the Workplace with Workforce Management Technology

A female employee wearing face mask working in office

Keeping employees safe, engaged, and productive is the goal of any employer; however, during a pandemic, it’s more challenging than ever. During these unprecedented times, it’s important to provide the resources and support to ensure a healthy environment to maintain continuity in the workplace.

Integrating technology

Utilizing technology to stem the spread of the coronavirus is paramount right now. Companies all over the world are integrating touchless biometric timeclocks with integrated thermal scanning into their workplace to provide safe and secure time and attendance tracking and COVID-19 spread prevention with facial recognition.

Because employee safety is paramount, Infinitime’s facial recognition time clock, the Venus , is easy to use and provides the security and reliability of biometric authentication for clocking employees in and out. With this technology, organizations can raise the bar on workforce hygiene without sacrificing the reliability of previous clocks.

The benefits of workforce management during COVID-19

Aside from the cost-saving benefits and administrative streamlining that workforce management provides, the software is also a powerful pandemic response tool. Consider the following benefits and how they can positively impact your employees in the workplace.

  • Safety processes — Ensure the safety of you and your staff by providing COVID-19 screening questions at clock-in so that you know everyone is feeling healthy and hasn’t been in contact with an infected individual.
  • Social distancing — With mobile time tracking, employees can clock in anywhere, which means they won’t be standing together waiting to use a shared machine.
  • Dependable communications — With alerts and messaging capabilities, you can easily communicate changes to day-to-day operations, such as scheduling changes, health and safety policies, employee pay, and more.
  • Request management — With the increased possibility of employees coming into contact with an infected person or showing symptoms, they may be required to self-isolate. Having a system to handle different kinds of requests for time off ensures you can deal with these difficult times.
  • Tracking information — As employees start getting the vaccine, it becomes important to know who has received it, which dose they received, when they received their second dose, and who hasn’t received it. This can help in planning who works when and where, and which employees are safe to work together.

Being able to track and manage employees using workforce management technology during this unprecedented time ensures you are in control of your workforce. It also ensures that you are in compliance with labor laws, especially those that continue to change during and after the pandemic. Additionally, InfiniTime’s platform can assist you with ROI, job costing, budgeting overtime, and flexible pay rules so that you can reduce detrimental costs to your organization and get through this time of uncertainty.