Shift Differentials

Prevailing Wage Law is a set of Federal, and in some cases State, laws governing the wages of laborers working within specific geographical areas. It requires that construction laborers working on federally funded contracts in excess of $2000 be paid at a local prevailing wage rate which is standardized for that area. InfiniTime can allow you to put in prevailing wage law rates into the software for specific locations, jobs, and tasks to help seamlessly track time and rates for workers performing those jobs, helping you stay compliant.

Wage Override

InfiniTime can allow you to put in wage overrides into the software for specific departments, jobs, and tasks to help seamlessly track time and rates for workers performing those jobs. For example, if an employee is working in a warehouse, they may get one wage, and when they are operating machinery, they get different wages. InfiniTime can seamlessly track the time and wages for both jobs. No matter what kind of jobs, or how many jobs a person works, InfiniTime can help you track time across all of them down to the second.


Last minute callouts and no-shows can strain a manufacturer’s ability to operate efficiently, maximize profitability and complete projects on time. In addition to scheduling shifts for employees, InfiniTime gives them the power to request shift swaps and covers. With a few clicks, managers can ensure that they are always staffed appropriately no matter the situation.

InfiniTime scheduling does not stop with shift swapping and covering; We also implement skill & qualification tracking. Qualification Tracking eliminates the possibility of scheduling the wrong type of employee for a particular shift & job.

Scheduling is very powerful to the time clock because it allows you to see who is early, late, and absent. Rules for alerts are easy to set up, allowing you to stay on top of your workforce while eliminating costly issues like unauthorized overtime.


Buddy punching and time theft are huge issues. If one employee is running late, they can have their co-worker clock them in, which means you are paying them for time they have not worked. Our biometrics ensure that this does not happen anymore. When punching in, the mobile app kiosk can be set to take a picture of the employee when they punch and compare it to a picture already in the system. If the person in the pictures is the same, the app accepts the punch. Otherwise, it is rejected, and a supervisor is notified.

InfiniTime allows for you to expand the system with the implementation of biometrics. Our solutions have facial biometrics, picture taken at punch, and more. InfiniTime makes it easy for employees to punch in and do general self-service in any environment while eliminating buddy punching.

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Project and Budget Analysis

InfiniTime can track labor costs against budgets for a project. This takes into account not only how much is being spent via wages, but how much you have scheduled against the budget, what the actual amount of time worked by each employee is versus the scheduled time, and many more variables to give you the analysis for you to complete projects on or under budget.

Leave Management

InfiniTime has an accrual engine that tracks all types of paid and unpaid time off. Once an accrual policy is set, the calculations are done automatically, and no manual work is required. InfiniTime tracks how much time off the worker has earned, how much has been used, and how much is remaining. When an employee takes time off, InfiniTime automatically takes them out of the schedule for that day, puts it on the timecard that they are off, and adjusts the accrual balance. All this data entry is done automatically, so you do not have to.

Job Costing

InfiniTime can do multi-level job costing, up to 3 levels. By default, we track department, job, and task. Users can have unlimited items in each level, allowing very accurate and detailed time tracking for all employees. All this job costing information is reconciled with payroll to ensure your employees get paid accurately. Job codes can be imported into InfiniTime via a CSV file to eliminate manual entry, and the job costing data can be pushed back to your favorite accounting software with a click of a button.

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