Grant Tracking

Built on our job costing engine, non-profits can track grants with exceptional detail. Salaried employees can be set up to clock into various grants they may be assigned to work from, or they can input their time worked on each grant daily or weekly – Data collection is very flexible. Regardless of how you choose to input your time, you can rest assured that the hours will be tracked accurately.

InfiniTime lets you analyze everything about how you use your grants. From allocating labor, to tracking time, InfiniTime will ensure you have accurate, detailed, and actionable data.

Compare to Budget

InfiniTime helps make sure your grant money is being put to proper use. After creating a budget for the use of grant funds in InfiniTime, the system will track and compare your labor costs against that budget to help make sure you are always in line with the plan. Our built-in dashboard can give you this data at a glance, or you can utilize reports to gain additional insight and detail on labor costs against your budget.

Schedule to Grants

One of the easiest ways to track labor against available grant funds is to schedule your employees to them. In this scenario, you do not even have to have your employees track their own time via punching in or allocating after the fact. Schedule their hours to whichever grants they work on and InfiniTime does all the calculations for you. This can work with automatic punch outs at the end of shifts to ensure compliance.

Leave Management

InfiniTime has an accrual engine that tracks all types of paid and unpaid time off. Once an accrual policy is set, the calculations are done automatically, and no manual work is required. InfiniTime tracks how much time off the worker has earned, how much has been used, and how much is remaining. When an employee takes time off, InfiniTime automatically takes them out of the schedule for that day, puts it on the timecard that they are off, and adjusts the accrual balance. All this data entry is done automatically, so you do not have to.

Using InfiniTime’s built-in messaging system, employees can easily send time-off requests to management for approval. These requests are tracked and logged to provide you a paper trail for the request. This messaging system is also used for shift swap and cover requests.

Real Time Labor Tracking

InfiniTime has a fully customizable dashboard – giving you real-time, up-to-the-minute data for anything that you track within the software. For example, you can configure the dashboard to show how much labor you have scheduled to each of your grants and track the labor against the grant budget as time goes on. The dashboard allows you to create charts, graphs, and lists to better help you see and process data which helps you make actionable decisions.

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Flex-time Allocations

If your salaried workers work over 40 hours, you may want to take the overtime and allocate it across all grants they are assigned to work on. InfiniTime can do this automatically for you by creating a flex-time bucket, so you know exactly how many overtime hours are being assigned to any particular grant.

Salaried & Hourly Employee Features

InfiniTime allows you to track a mix of salaried and hourly employees. Salaried employees have their time allocated to track grants, but when submitted to payroll, their hours are excluded so that there is no confusion when paying your salaried employees.

Likewise, hourly employees can clock into grants to track accurate time and grant usage, but unlike the salaried employees their time is sent over to payroll to ensure they get paid properly for the hours that they worked.

Mobile App Remote Data Collection

InfiniTime allows you to track your remote workers via a full service mobile app. Not only does the mobile app make data collection simple – it allows employees out in the field to check their schedules, accrual balances, make time-off requests and much more. Every punch is geo- tagged and can be pulled up on a map by the admin, geo-fences can be set up to prevent punches from occurring outside of authorized locations, there is even the ability to track employees live, while they are on the clock. This way you can always ensure you are on top of your labor costs.

Expense Data Collection

In addition to many other types of items, InfiniTime allows you to plug in and track expenses – right on the time card. This is especially useful for organizations that expense to grants. Tracking expenses in addition to labor costs against available budgets takes the guess work out of grant tracking. You will always know how much of the grant is available, how much has been used, and when it is scheduled to run out. Additionally, this expense data can be pushed and reconciled with payroll for easy reimbursements.

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