InfiniTime Online connects to some of the most powerful and comprehensive software platforms available. In an instant you can connect and have all your employee’s information available in InfiniTime.

When it comes time to run payroll, just a single click of a button sends all time related data into Payroll. We automate everything so you don’t have to.

Make payroll processing simple with InfiniTime Online + ADP Workforce Now.

Integration into ADP Workforce Now makes running payroll simpler, easier, and more accurate. Go onto the ADP Marketplace to setup your InfiniTime account in just minutes. All your active employees will automatically populate into InfiniTime. You get the support of scheduling, Accrual Management, Leave Management, and a host of complex wage calculations including Shift Differentials, Prevailing Wage Law Compliance, Multi-level Job Costing, and much more.

Clair pays your employees in real time, so they’ll stay with you longer.

Clair is an industry leader in mobile banking & daily pay card accounts. Give your employees real-time wage access, world-class financial services, and tools that help save more. Clair helps reduce employee turnover by up to 20%, increase job applicants by up to 2x, and boosts worker motivation. With InfiniTime + Clair, every time your employee clocks out a portion of their wages is advanced into their Clair account for them to access should they need it.

Use InfiniTime and Heartland payroll together.

Heartland payment systems is an innovator in payroll and merchant payment systems. Together with InfiniTime, you get infinite control, customization, and expansion of how you manage your employees and run payroll. Both Heartland Payroll and InfiniTime communicate back and forth to ensure you save time and resources. No more dual entry of data, no more manual calculations of complex wage rules, and ensure compliance no matter what state you do business in.

Old-school payroll and HR aren’t built for the way you work today. Gusto and InfiniTime are.

Gusto makes payroll, benefits, and HR actually easy. Plus, it gives you access to certified experts to help you protect the business you are building and the benefits you need to take care of your team. That’s the reason more than 100,000 small businesses nationwide choose Gusto.


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