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InfiniTime Payroll Based Journal

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought many requirements for employers, from providing healthcare insurance to reporting coverage information to the IRS.

Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) is a result of one of those new employer mandates, and it specifically affects nursing homes and long-term care facilities (including skilled nursing facilities).

The Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) started to collect staffing and census information in July 1, 2016. It includes full-time staff as well as agency and contract staff.

Long-term care providers aren’t in this alone. CMS created a free system for facilities to use and submit this information called Payroll Based Journal.

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How it Works

The InfiniTime Workforce Management system can be used to collect all of the information needed for the Payroll Based Journal. Payroll Based Journal requires detailed employee and time & attendance data to be gathered with specific job tracking data gathered. There are specific job descriptions that need to have hours tracked by job type to be reported to CMS.

Employees can easily indicate each job they perform via the InfiniTime labor tracking system. They can transfer between job descriptions with a one-step transaction via a timeclock, smartphone application, or web page.

InfiniTime can package the data required for Payroll Based Journal and when it is time to submit the information to CMS it is simply uploaded.

Save Money

  • Includes Scheduling, Accruals, and Much More
  • Use the data to automate Payroll Based Journal processing
  • Use The System For Time & Attendance For Non-Payroll
  • Reduce Labor Management Time with Real Time Data
  • No Special Service Charges

Highly Configurable

  • Track up To Three Levels Of Job Costing
  • Configure Shift Differential
  • Ability To Limit Departments, Jobs, and Tasks
  • Use Mobile App, Biometric Time Clock, and/or Web Interface

Features & Extras

  • No Cost Feature
  • XML Data Formatted Per CMS Specifications
  • View Direct Hours By Employee Job
  • Add or Edit Before Submission
  • Central Management
  • Gather Agency and Temporary Information Separately
  • Submit Accurately
  • No Non-CMS External Services Required
  • Transfer File Automatically Emailed Each Quarter
  • All data Directly exported From InfiniTime Data
  • Ensure CMS Compliance

Increase Productivity

  • No Special Requirement For Employees
  • Employees Can Simply Punch In/Out
  • Data Can Be Edited Before Submission


The Payroll Based Journal feature of the InfiniTime Workforce Management System helps long term providers easily track time & attendance data. The employees simply clock in and out. InfiniTime automates the time & attendance data, along with job information, for the Payroll Based Journal submission.

A simple export is done when it is time to submit the information to the Payroll BasedJournal reporting system. The long term care facility then imports the specialized XML file. Reporting is complete once the long term care facility enters the census data for the pay period.

Technical Specifications

Required Software: InfiniTime and the CMS Reporting
Required Authorization: Long Term Facility is Required to Get Authorization visit for more information.

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