Variances: Scheduled vs Actual

One of the best ways to stay on top of your workforce is to make sure they are working their full shifts. We help track and report on how much time your employees are working versus how much time they are scheduled for. This can help eliminate time theft, one of the costliest issues for any business, as well as making sure you get what you pay for.

Scheduled vs Actual allows you to stay on top of your labor in real time. You can see how many hours and dollars you have scheduled out for a given time period, and check that you are on pace to stay within that budget as you go through your day, week, etc. You can then make adjustments on the fly if you need to reorganize some labor and keep costs down.

Variance data can be found on InfiniTime’s manager dashboard for an at-a-glance view or can be downloaded in a detailed report for more in-depth analysis.

Labor Percentage vs Projected Sales

Labor costs make up a significant portion of how much revenue a business generates. For retail businesses, the average percentage of labor is about 20%, but can be significantly higher from one business to the other. InfiniTime helps you track your labor percentage vs sales, so you always know where you stand. If your percentage is high, you have the data and tools to make actionable changes to company policy to help reduce those labor costs. Most commonly, this percentage is driven up by overtime. Knowing this you can use InfiniTime to enforce stricter punch-in/punch-out policies, lock out overtime, and ensure that you are properly staffed every day.

Variable Wage

InfiniTime supports wage overrides for specific departments, jobs, and tasks to help seamlessly track time and rates for workers performing those jobs. For example, if an employee is working in a warehouse, they may get one wage, and when they are working as a supervisor on the sales floor they get a different wage. InfiniTime can seamlessly track the time and wages for both jobs. No matter what kind of jobs, or how many jobs a person works, InfiniTime can help you track time across all of them down to the second.

Commission Tracking

Among other information, Commissions can be entered into the InfiniTime Time-Card editor automatically, making it very easy for employees to see and track their commissions as they earn them. This information can be pushed over to payroll to make paying out employees extremely simple.

Leave Management

InfiniTime has an accrual engine that tracks all types of paid and unpaid time off. Once an accrual policy is set, the calculations are done automatically, and no manual work is required. InfiniTime tracks how much time off the worker has earned, how much has been used, and how much is remaining. When an employee takes time off, InfiniTime automatically takes them out of the schedule for that day, puts it on the timecard that they are off, and adjusts the accrual balance. All this data entry is done automatically, so you do not have to.

Using InfiniTime’s built-in messaging system, employees can easily send time-off requests to management for approval. These requests are tracked and logged to provide you a paper trail for the request. This messaging system is also used for shift swap and cover requests.

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One of the most important considerations a retail business must make is how labor is scheduled. Last minute callouts and no-shows can strain a retail business’s ability to operate efficiently and maximize profitability. In addition to scheduling shifts for employees, InfiniTime gives them the power to request shift swaps and covers. Managers can also put up shifts to be covered, ensuring that the retail business is always properly staffed. With a few clicks, managers can ensure that they are always staffed appropriately no matter the situation.

InfiniTime will help you stay compliant with “Fair Workweek” Laws that are being adopted in more and more states. These laws require that employers end on-call scheduling and replace it with predictive scheduling – that employees are required to be scheduled ahead of time. This can easily be done in a simple and repeatable way with InfiniTime’s scheduling engine.

Biometrics Options

Buddy punching and time theft are huge issues. If one employee is running late, they can have their co-worker clock them in, which means you are paying them for time they have not worked. Our biometrics ensure that this does not happen anymore. When punching in, the mobile app kiosk can be set to take a picture of the employee when they punch and compare it to a picture already in the system. If the person in the pictures is the same, the app accepts the punch. Otherwise, it is rejected, and a supervisor is notified.

InfiniTime allows for you to expand the system with the implementation of biometrics. Our solutions have facial biometrics, picture taken at punch, and more. InfiniTime makes it easy for employees to punch in and do general self-service in any environment while eliminating buddy punching.

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