Scout Hand Geometry

Scout Biometric Hand Reader

For companies that have small, large or multiple locations, minimal supervision leaves opportunity for time theft and buddy punching.

The Scout Hand Geometry reader brings the flexibility of a full function time and attendance terminal together with the sophistication of the most accurate identification technology available.

Using field-proven biometric technology, the Scout Hand Geometry reader uses the size and shape of the user’s hand to verify their identity each time they use the terminal. This practical and precise solution makes card-based systems obsolete.

The hand reader is very durable and capable of withstanding the worst conditions. Enclosures for cold, wet and dry environments are available.

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We have been in business with the manufacturer of the Hand Punch system for the better part of a decade. During which time we have experienced nothing less than the highest degree of professionalism. Schlage is a division of Ingersoll Rand, a leader in industrial technologies. With over 100 years of experience Ingersoll Rand and Schlage provides both public and private sectors with the tools needed to turn work into progress.

How it Works

The user friendly menus make the Scout very easy to use. From the menu, users are able to quickly choose activities they want to complete. The user can transfer departments, enter tips, etc. The menu walks the user through the entire process.

The reader is equipped with an infrared camera that takes a three dimensional image of the user’s hand each and every time the user accesses the terminal. The image of the user’s hand is then compared to the previous hand scan and based on a computer algorithm, the machine determines whether or not the hands are the same. The ability to compare scans from day to day compensates for any weight gain or loss that occurs over a period of time.

At the time of the hand scan, the time and date of the event is stored into the internal memory. That data is then sent to the InfiniTime Labor Management System where it is scanned for exceptions, generated into reports and then passed on to payroll for check processing.


  • Employee count upgrades are quick and easy
  • TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity included
  • Modem connectivity can be installed easily
  • Multiple models with different employee capacities
  • Integrates with all Inception Technologies Software
  • Capable of handling an unlimited amount of users


The Scout is among the most versatile clocks available on the market today. With over 150,000 units sold to small businesses, government agencies, and corporations in the United States and the world, the Scout is quickly becoming the most implemented clock since the launch of the manual punch clock. The sleek and user friendly design is easy for almost anyone to operate and the structural design allows the reader to reside in multitudes of environments and industries.

The Scout can be utilized in more ways than a standard time & attendance system. The Scout is capable of having bell schedules and control access in and out of doors to a facility.

Features & Extras

  • One year parts and labor warranty
  • Interactive menu for completion of complex tasks
  • Display user hours on screen*
  • Real time data collection for constant updates
  • Alarm Indicator for full memory or other errors
  • Optional internal relay for bells or to open doors*
  • Optional external time card printer. *
  • Employee messaging*
  • Time zones & time schedules*
  • Auxiliary inputs & outputs*
  • Event & alarm monitoring*
  • Connect to InfiniTime via TCP/IP or Wi-Fi via optional Wi-Fi adapter

Increase Productivity

  • Data collection at the terminal takes only seconds
  • Department transfers done in one transaction
  • View accruals, time card, and more at the terminal
  • Instantly access employee data across a network
  • Track late, early, unscheduled, and missed punches
  • Provides information for personnel files
  • Track late, early, unscheduled, and missed punches
  • Supervisors can do complex tasks at the terminal
  • Biometrics eliminate the hassles of badge systems

Save Money

  • Eliminate employee time theft
  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Eliminate the cost of badges and time cards
  • Reduce payroll preparation costs and time
  • Reduce overtime by locking out early punches

Connection Methods

  • Internal 10mb/100mb TCP/IP connection included
  • Wi-Fi connection via optional Wi-Fi adapter

Technical Specifications

Size: 8.85” (width) x 11.65” (height) x 8.55” (depth)
Weight: 6-7 lbs with optional backup battery
Power: 12-24 VCD or 12-24 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 7W
Operational Temperature: (5°C to 40°C)
Non-operational Temperature: (-10°C to 60°C)
Hand Verification Time: 1 second or less
Retention: 5 years using an internal lithium battery
Transaction Buffer: 5,120-8,190 transactions*
User Capacity: 50-40,xxx*
Function Buttons: 2-10, user definable*
Message Capacity: 500, expandable to 3,520*
External Ports: 10mb/100mb Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi adapter (not included)

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