The Benefits of Biometric Timeclocks

A clock depicting time management

The Workforce Management Tool That Measures Employee Time and Attendance

The days of using manual journals to record attendance and calculate hours are over. The emergence of workforce management tools like biometric timeclocks offers better solutions to measure employee working hours. Biometric timeclocks have replaced antiquated ways of measuring employee time and attendance with a secured alternative to manual timesheets.

No longer are the days of “buddy punching” or time theft. Not only do these clocks use biometric data to help companies accurately pay wages and simplify payroll, but they’re also easier to use and more difficult to trick the system.

Biometric timeclocks combined with mobile apps and employee web portals provide many modern and robust features that give employers high accuracy and employees a self-service tool. Modern time and attendance systems that use biometrics for identification can be beneficial in a number of ways that include:

  • “Buddy punching” prevention

74% of employers experience payroll losses related to buddy punching, and according to Nucleus Research, these losses average 2.2% of gross payroll. The practice of buddy punching can easily be prevented with biometric time clocks.

  • Saving money

According to Software Advice, 43% of hourly workers admitted to exaggerating the amount of time they worked during a shift. By reducing time theft, your company will no longer pay employees for work they didn’t complete.

  • Monitoring remote workers

More important now than ever before, biometric timeclocks allow you to monitor employees who are working in remote places. The use of biometrics can also be utilized and integrated with the internet and/or mobile devices.

  • Less Administrative Work

A biometric timeclock automates the process of recording hours worked, which means less administrative work for the people in charge. This will free up significant amounts of time for managers who already have their plates full.

  • Easy of use

With the use of Biometric Fingerprint Readers, employees are no longer burdened by having to carry cards around with them. All they have to do is scan their fingerprint to clock in and the time worked by employees is automatically stored in a database.

  • Trust between employers and employees

Biometric timeclocks increase trust within an organization because employers know without any doubt that an employee worked when they said they did, and employees know that every hour worked will be paid for.

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