The Importance Of Using Employee Scheduling Software

First, there were the days of pencil and paper to create employee schedules. Followed by the days of digital spreadsheets in the advent of personal computers. Now, the times of employee scheduling software are upon us. Done are the days of doing it all by hand, and in are the days of expedited scheduling processes, automating procedures, and smoother communication.

For any business to be successful, employee scheduling software is crucial. Not only does it save managers and HR personnel time and effort, but it makes employees’ lives easier as well. With the use of one tool under one platform, you can reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and schedule all your resources.

And the best part is that businesses of all sizes—startups, small businesses, enterprises, and everyone in between—can reap these benefits. Let’s take a look at how employee scheduling achieves this.

Reduces Hidden Costs

Let’s say you have a production line that is reliant on workers with specialized skill sets. What happens if a worker calls out last-minute and the scheduling manager is off-site?

If you’re using a manual scheduling process, the shift supervisor needs to look at the spreadsheets, see who’s available, and look up phone numbers. They may have to call in a replacement worker, split shifts between two people, or ask someone to stay late to keep the line going. This process can take untold minutes and hours every week, taking the supervisor away from their regular tasks.

This results in costs associated with being off the floor, spending time on administrative tasks, overtime costs, negative employee perception, and could cause delays to production resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

Automates Employee Scheduling

By combining your labor spending goals, sales data, staff availability, and other factors into employee scheduling software, you can create a shift schedule with high labor spending accuracy. This, in turn, results in reduced labor spending and gives you more time to focus on things that grow your business—like your customers. Automation also helps by keeping all your resources and availabilities under one clear and clean interface so that management and HR are well-informed and up-to-date with employees.

Allows Easy Access

Efficient scheduling software lets employees access the system in several ways—via mobile phones, desktops, and tablets. This is important if you have remote workers or staff working on different job sites away from the office. Plus, it allows workers to clock in from where they start their work, so they don’t have to convene in one spot every morning. They can view their schedule 24/7, request a shift change, work record change, and a leave request remotely. All with the assurance that the right manager or HR personnel will be notified and see it. This reduces the time you have to spend communicating face to face regarding scheduling, absences, and so forth.

Employee scheduling software is all about getting the maximum productivity for your business, and with tools like Infinitime, you get just that—a scheduling solution that reduces costs, automates employee scheduling, and gives you and your employees easy access to an online hosted solution.