The Importance of Utilizing Technology in Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) Reporting

As of July 2016, any direct care facility is required by the U.S. Government to provide payroll data directly to Medicare every quarter. Direct care facilities include nursing homes and assisted living communities and must report every hour worked by all current nursing staff. Since healthcare reporting is ever-changing, keeping up with these requirements can be a complicated task for nursing administration and HR professionals.

It’s essential to incorporate a software program that provides payroll-based reporting services. It’s also important to make sure your software provider comprehends the data needed to satisfy the Medicare requirements and that they are willing and able to assist in collecting these types of reports. An established workforce management system like Infinitime has all the resources you need to put together an extensive payroll-based journal.

Is Payroll-Based Journaling Here to Stay?

Although the requirements have consistently evolved since 2016, it’s a guarantee that payroll-based reporting is here to stay. The CMS can enforce penalties for non-compliance, so it is crucial to possess a quarterly comprehensive report that includes all relevant healthcare employee data.

Submission Requirements

As stated above, payroll journal requirements and guidelines for PBJ have changed and will continue to change over time. The current government has updated the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and each government can make significant reporting changes or eliminate some requirements altogether. You’ll want to keep up with this information to ensure that the reports you send to the CMS are applicable and accurate.

What Are the Benefits of Tech in PBJ?

It’s no secret that PBJ requirements add a new layer of paperwork for administration and HR. However, there are noticeable benefits to having access to comprehensive, easy-to-understand staffing data. Not only does it increase transparency and trust within nursing homes and assisted living facilities, but it also assists in better analyzing your business practices. This will allow room for growth, highlighting strengths and under-resourced areas as well. This realtime data will help your company build a reputation of high-performing care levels, which in turn will attract resources and potential customers.

Infinitime Workforce Management System can assist in collecting all of the data reports required for your company’s payroll-based journal. When using this software feature along with the labor tracking system, your employees will be able to record their job role and the number of hours worked each day. This streamlines the process, allowing Infinitime to stockpile the data reports until submission. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a demo today!