There is a new type of fence….it’s a geo!

Predict Your Work Force Needs with Geofencing

As more of the US workforces go mobile, remote geofencing becomes inherently important to your time and attendance needs. InfiniTime has unlimited geofencing!


What is Geofencing?
Geofencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. This fence could be defined by a predefined set of boundaries, like a school zone. Or a geofence could be defined by a dynamically generated radius around a specific location point.
Why using Geofencing is important?
Geofencing cuts down on time theft and increases schedule enforcement. InfiniTime’s geofencing capabilities give you two defenses; first by restricting out-of-bounds punches and second, by preventing out-of-schedule punches.
How does Geofencing give managers time back?
Having a system that sends an alert when an employee punches-in outside the geofence allows managers to focus on their team. Rather than monitoring the location of mobile employees, mangers can focus on mentoring and training their workforce. Managers see an immediate spike in efficiency and employee engagement.
Who uses geofencing the most:
–      Home health aides
–      Field service workers
–      Delivery drivers
–      Construction workers
What are some ROIs of geofencing?
–      Implementation of time and attendance policies
–      Track workforce hours for accurate payroll
–      Improve job costing
–      Guarantee employees know they are at the appropriate jobsite
–      Receive an alert, in real time, when an employee punch takes place outside the fence
–      Digitize and retain employee timecards for FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) recordkeeping
–      Automate the tracking of employee mileage for company reimbursement
–      Create reports by location, skill set, and job type
–      Forecast workflow and scheduling for specific groups

InfiniTime works with customers that require multiple geofences in place at one time. Therefore, we offer unlimited geofencing. We know that each company will have different needs and don’t want to limit you. In fact, we train you on how to set your own fencing so as your needs change, you can adjust at any time. To learn more click here.