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The Venus is the latest in our line of data collection terminals with biometric technology. The Venus features a high- resolution color screen and comes equipped with multiple biometric technologies. The Venus has a high-resolution facial recognition camera, an optical fingerprint scanner, and a palm reader. The Venus also has the ability to have users use proximity cards and id/password entry. The Venus has all of the options to provide a safe and secure experience for employees and managers.

The facial biometric feature of the Venus is amazing technology. After the employee is enrolled in the device, they can simply look at the clock to punch in/out. The employee does not need to physically touch the Venus in any way! The Venus is capable of connecting to external devices. External proximity readers, barcode readers, and much more. The Venus also has a bell scheduler. This allows the Venus to ring bells for breaks, lunch periods, and any other bell schedule needed. The large LCD provides clear readability. The on-board speaker provides audible confirmation of a complete or incomplete transaction.

The Venus sends data to InfiniTime via a direct ethernet connection or WIFI. This is done with modern push technology, allowing the Venus to send punches in real time. There is no polling or other delayed data transmission.

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Fever Detection

The Venus has an add on temperature reader. This reader will take the temperature of the employee using the timeclock and record this with the punch. With this information InfiniTime can notify the employees supervisor(s) that the employee came to work with a fever. This is valuable to protect the other employees and customers from employees that are not feeling well.

Connection Methods

  • Internal l0mb/l00mb TCP/IP Connection Ready
  • Internal WiFi Connection Ready
  • PUSH Technology For Easy Setup and Configuration

Features & Extras

  • One Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • Optional Backup Battery Available
  • Internal Bell Scheduling System
  • Large Backlit Display for Easy Operation
  • Alarm Indicator for Full Memory or Other Errors
  • Interactive Menu for Completion of Complex Tasks
  • Real Time Labor Data Collection for Automated Updates
  • Store 200,000 User Transactions On-Board
  • Audible Confirmation via Internal Speaker
  • Optional Proximity, HID or Mifare Reader Available
  • WiFi Connection Included
  • Employee Self-service
  • Employee Messaging
  • Push Communication Technology
  • Increase Productivity
  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Messaging
  • Multi-level Job Costing
  • Faster Clock-in with 1-look Verification
  • Labor Cost Transfers Done in One Transaction
  • Employee Can View Last Recorded Time
  • Quickly Enter Tips, Miles, Commission and more.
  • Punch-and-go System Ensures Better Accuracy
  • Contactless Badge Reader Reduces Maintenance
  • Linux Based Operating System for Reliability
  • Quick, Audible, Verification of Transaction

How it Works

The Venus is simple and easy to operate. The employee approaches the device and uses one of the many readers in the device. They can simply look at the device to use the facial biometric camera, touch the fingerprint reader, use the keypad, or proximity card reader. They do not pick in or out. They just punch! One simple transaction.

Save Money

  • Replace Badges with Facial Identification
  • Save Precious Time with Pinless Entry
  • Reduce Overtime by Locking Out Early Punches
  • Reduce Labor Management Time with Real Time Data
  • Expandability
  • Choose to Use TCP/IP Ethernet or Wifi
  • Add Multiple Terminals to accommodate an unlimited
    number of users
  • Use in Combination with Any of Our Product Line
  • Optional Backup Battery Ensures Operation


The Venus holds 12,000 face templates, 20,000 fingerprint templates, 6,000 palm templates, 20,000 card numbers, and can store 200,000 punch transactions, making the Venus a good fit for any organization. Touchless facial identification technology makes the punching process quick and easy; giving you the ability to manage data from large groups of employees. The Venus should be mounted to a wall for permanent time tracking in a single location. With four different connection methods, access control capabilities, and multiple data collection methods, the Venus is a versatile terminal that satisfies your Time & Attendance requirements.

Technical Specifications

Size: 6.3” (width) x 5.5’’ (height) x 1.7” (depth)
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Display: Character LCD, 16 x 4
Power: 12V DC, 400mA
Operational Temperature: (32°F to 113°F)
Verification Time: 1 second
Identification Time: <= 2 seconds
Memory Capacity: 8Mb Flash Memory
Transaction Buffer: 30,000 Transactions
User Capacity
: 1,500
External Ports: TCP/IP, USB Out, Wiegand
Operating System: Linux
Read Range: 10-15 cm LED
Indicator: 2 Array LED Indicators (Red, Green)

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