Why Time & Attendance is Important

If you manage people and you’re still doing the old way of time and attendance, you should really consider going digital. Timesheets, pen, and paper may seem easy because it’s the way you’ve always done things, but time and attendance software has come a long way. Especially with the new federal and state labor laws that are in effect this year, you’ll want to ensure your employees’ time and attendance is tidy to prevent legal action.

Let’s take a look at some of the other reasons time and attendance software is so beneficial.

Save On Labor Costs

With manual time and attendance, you’re relying on employees to accurately track their hours worked. That isn’t to say they’re not trustworthy, but even honest people round up or forget how many hours they worked. Or maybe employees are running late and they have a work buddy punch in for them. These may seem like just a few minutes here and there, but those minutes add up to thousands of dollars. One survey revealed that 16% of workers say they buddy punch, and those are just the ones that admit it. But with a time and attendance solution like Infinitime, you can stop unauthorized punch-ins and unauthorized overtime.

But time and attendance solutions don’t just help employers. It makes life easier for employees as well. How many times have you had a frustrated employee come up to you about their inaccurate timesheet? By having them clock in and out electronically, everyone will know that their hours worked are accurate. Add in biometric time clocks, and you can completely eliminate buddy punching and ensure that employees get paid for every hour they’ve worked.

Make Payroll Easier

Spend less time on payroll preparation each month with time and attendance software. This will be of great help to your payroll department when they don’t have to manually record and consolidate time spent by your employees. Infinitime Online exports time spent to payroll. Plus, it’s integrated with popular payroll services to eliminate the duplication of data entry. When there’s less time spent on payroll, there’s more time to focus on other aspects of your business, like productivity.

Avoid Lawsuits and Fines

“Fair Workweek” and predictive scheduling laws have been gaining steam over the past few years. These legal protections are meant to help bring stability to the lives of employees. However, this has brought on new challenges for employers that need to navigate these work schedule laws and maintain compliance. Fortunately, Infinitime has native support for these scheduling laws to ensure you comply with every operational rule.

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Improve Morale in The Workplace

While there are always those that try to get away with stealing time, most employees are honest and comply with their schedules. But when there isn’t a system in place to hold employees accountable for the hours they work, those that do comply tend to resent those that steal time. And why wouldn’t they? They both get paid the same but the time stealers get to work less.

But with a third-party time and attendance solution in place, you only pay for the hours worked, and you can identify the individuals that come in late and leave early. This way, you’ll keep your good workers happy and morale up.

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