You need some SaaS!

SaaS is everywhere nowadays. Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a software delivery and licensing system where software is accessed online using a subscription based payment model. The days of buying software and installing it on a computer are fleeting.

So what is the deal with SaaS? A Gartner report from earlier this year projects that SaaS sales will be upward of $331 billion by 2022. Over 38% of US companies already moved to SaaS according to a BetterCloud survey. Companies are seeing a better, more personalized experiences for their employees, all the while saving money using SaaS.

Here are the 4 major reasons SaaS is the way to go for tracking time and attendance?
By removing the need to install software, maintain a server or a database InfiniTime Online saves time. It is a turnkey solution that can be implemented quickly and easily. If you have a complex integration which requires customization, we handle that too.

IT Friendly
With our fully integrated hosted solution, InfiniTime Online, does not require you to have a dedicated IT person. We take care of installation, maintenance, updates, redundancy, and security. IT costs are reduced, saving you more money.

Change is a Constant
Adopting a new software is scary. A few years ago, the mere thought raised people’s blood pressure. But one of the best things about SaaS is that it can integrate with your other software. You can scale easily with SaaS, making changes to headcount, scheduling rules and geofencing locations within hours, not days. You control how fast you want to make changes in your Time & Attendance tracking using InfiniTime Online.

Budget Friendly
As mentioned earlier, SaaS is a pay as you go model with low upfront fees for implementation and customization. SaaS can be treated as an operating cost which makes your finance team happier.

Regardless of company size, SaaS is the right business decision when it comes to making Time & Attendance easy. InfiniTime Online gives your employees the freedom to request changes to their schedule from anywhere, and gives your managers peace of mind that they can track hours, job cost, and skill sets at any time, anywhere.

Stop wasting time with old spreadsheets and a desktop.
Move to InfiniTime Online.